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Monday, May 20, 2013

Photography and ideas

Maybe the capitalization of the title was a little unnecessary but I found it to be exclaiming the very thing that I felt needed to be exclaimed! This weekend was lovely! Absolutely perfect for writing and taking photography which is exactly what I did. I mean, it did deprive me of the internet but that's perfectly fine, right? A little withdrawal, a few symptoms, but nothing major. 

Now, I shoud get talking about what I mean by this title that I've given today's post and that is exactly what it says: photography is equivalent to inspiration and gives a ton of ideas. 

Shall I give an example? Alright, how about this : 

How much inspiration can you glean from this one picture?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I decided that I would create my own thousand worded picture and take a ton this weekend! Albeit they aren't exactly this kind of picture. I don't have the people nor the equipement to take such a beautiful image. 

I, however, suggest that you all take a gander outside and walk around a little. Just bring a camera, a water bottle, and sit outside. You'll look around a bit, see some birds hear some sounds and then ... it'll hit you! 

You'll be smack dab in the middle of you thoughts running around you, ideas swirling and your camera there to capture it all in an instant! I mean, sometimes it's not obvious but to give a little example of what I mean I'll describe a situation : 

I was sitting silently at the edge of a pond, small rivulets of water streamed over damp moss covered rocks. I had my camera hanging around my neck, it was uncomfortable in the stifling heat. I watched the water weave its way around rock after rock before creating a small pool where a bird sat sipping from the small basin. If I tried hard enough, I could imagine the bird to be a cyborg, ever-watchful. It was waiting for an approaching subject so that it could relay the information to the owner. Or, I could picture small fairies urging the bird to drink, nursing it back to health from when it had fallen from its nest. 

As you can see there are a ton of different scenarios. It was at that moment that I took the picture - certain to retain the inspiration forever! 

Haha, see? Inspiration is everywhere. EVERYWHERE, I tell you. If you don't believe me then take a good hard look and see for yourself. 

- Anyways, that's really all I've got to talk about today. Tomorrow I'll bring up some good poetry information that you'll be glad to retain, right? 

Write on!