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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Daydream if you must, because that's the only escape you'll get from reality during daylight hours.

Well, Hello There

Hey there readers. Been a while, hasn't it? Don't worry, it's not you, it's me. I've been pretty lazy busy the last few months, what with writing, family stuff and preparing for college. That's right, this girl is a senior and just a very few weeks away from being done with high school forever. It's very exciting, though I'm also a bit nervous.

I mean, who isn't nervous about going off to college? You have to say goodbye to the childish ways of the past and become an adult, which is a very intimidating title. I mean, I've always thought of myself as more mature than most girls my age, but come July 27th, I'm going to be a real adult.

Not going to lie, it feels weird every time I think about it. One night a few weeks back, I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep when I really understood that this was it, I'm growing up. For a very long time, I've wanted to get older and be able to do grown up things, like drive. Now I am driving and thinking about buying a car, which is just crazy. I've also been forced to think about college and what I want to do with my life afterwards.

I'm still not really sure what direction my life is going, despite the hours I've spent thinking about it. Of course I want to be a writer and get my stuff published, but that is still a few years down the road. So, what do I do until then? Where should I live after school? Do I want to move back in with my family or stay out on my own? There are so many questions and frankly, I don't have many answers.

These questions aren't all going to be answered any time soon, I know that. I'm sure I'll be going back and forth with my options until the last minute, even if that isn't the adult thing to do. But despite the fact that sooner than I can believe, I'll be moving out of my parents house and starting an adult life of my own, I'm happy. I'm still nervous and apprehensive and I'm going to question every decision I make from now on, that's okay. People can't become responsible overnight and becoming 18 doesn't magically give you the answers. It'll take time and I've just got to be prepared to screw up - a lot.

I'm not really sure if any of this makes sense, but I hope you can all find something useful among the mush. Saby and I will be trying to post much more often now and I think we'll have some cool posts for y'all in the not too distant future.