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Monday, January 6, 2014

Long time no see?

Hello there, 

It's been a while, no? The last year has been very hectic, and it's definitely been filled with fun and maybe a few mishaps. I mean, I even managed to break my foot. So here's to hoping that 2014 will be a little bit better. 

There will be a few upcoming blog tours and reviews, but that's on my side of the fence. I'll have to send some messages to those lazy co-authors of mine. I'll be damned if they don't forget that they're a part of this blog, too. Ha ha.

Anyways, despite this being the first day of back to school, there happens to be a snow day. Which is great news by my definition, but all good things must come to an end. Which is why I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow as well. Why? Well, on Wednesday I get to have this cast removed. Woo hoo! Only to get a new cast put on. Bummer. 

Ha, guess it was my fault anyway. I mean, I broke my foot all because I decided that I wanted to try out for the "baby-gate jumping olympics". A not-so-bright idea on my part. 

All that aside, I'd like to wish you all a late Happy New Years from myself (and surely those lazy co-authors of mine). So, until a later date. 
Just going to post this here because I can. :) 

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