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Write It Sideways - A blog that provides multiple helpful tips; from motivation to interviews.

Writing World- A very helpful site to any budding writer. Includes articles on just about anything writing related.

For Writers - A great forum and reference site!

Fiction Writers - A good place for information on all things writing.

Manuscript Editing - According to The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel "Lynda Lotman has been serving writers since 1976 with lists of agents, copyright information, sample entries, and editing advice."

Writer's Journal - According to The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel "A writer's magazine dealing with the psychology and practical aspects of writing."

Writers Write - A resource for writers, books, and stuff on publishing.

Emerging Writers - A site for beginning or breakout writers.

Enhance My Writing - A useful and helpful site for those wanting to work on their writing skills or anything writing related.

Writer's Quest - A site that gives out tons of information for writers. Very nice.

Fiction Addiction- A website that has tons of useful articles.

Creativity Portal- A site with lots of useful stuff that has to do with creativity and inspiration.

Writer's Organizations 
SFWA - The official site to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Organization.

NaNoWriMo  - The official site of the NaNoWriMo (young person's edition). NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It is held in the month of November.

Poets - The official site of the American Poet's Academy. "The Academy is a nonprofit organization with a mission to support American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry." - From the website's FAQ. 

ASJA - The site of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

Authors Guild - "The Authors Guild has been the published writer's advocate for effective copyright, fair contracts, and free expression since 1912." - From the website. 

Novelist's Inc. - For all those novelists out there.

NASW - National Association of Science Writers. For those interested in science and writing fiction about science (aka Science Fiction).

Writer's Market - a very helpful place for writers.

Lulu - A site for self publishing. And not only for books!

Smashwords- I've heard alot about this site. Apparently you can format your books to documents and do other stuff on here.

Publisher's Marketplace - Lots of stuff to do with publishers and publishing.

Createspace - It's like Lulu's not Lulu.

Agent Query - A great place to find agents for your books.

Strange Chemistry- A publishing company that publishes YA science fiction and fantasy.

AARonline- (Association of Authors' Representatives.

News Websites
National Geographic - You can find a whole bunch of interesting things. From animals to who knows what.

Live Science- Any kind of science related news you want, just look here.

Discovery - I've found tons of interesting information on here. Animals, space, technology, human, history, etc.

NPR - National Public Radio. They always have interesting stuff and you can listen to it free and online while you work!

The New York Times Upfront - A magazine for high schoolers with some really interesting facts and stuff.

NASA- The official website of NASA.

60 Minutes- One of my favorite programs. Offers free episodes on tons of interesting subjects and things in the news.

Writing Websites
Teenink - Okay, so I've never been on this site, but I have a friend who is. Basically, it's a writing magazine that has it's own website where you can showcase your work and if you're lucky (or however it works) your work might get showcased in the magazine.

Writer's Workshop - A facebook writing group created for those of you in need of inspiration. It's a great place to find plot-bunnies, prompts, images, and even talk to other authors about inspiration needed for an idea's pitch.  (Supported by DMoaW)

Wattpad - Another online writing website.

Authonomy - Basically it's the "adults" version of Inkpop. From other members of Inkpop, I've heard it isn't as good. But then, it's always good to check things out for yourself.

Figment - Yep. I've heard this of this one, it's pretty good...

Booksie - Once again... I've never been on it.

Literati Sedition - This is one of the more hard core writing websites that requires alot of dedication. I've heard it really does help though.

Writer's Cafe - A good one. I've heard this one is recommended by several professionals.

Mibba - A fellow member on Inkpop recommends this site more for beginners because of "all the fanfiction".

Scribophile - It says it's a serious site for writers. But then, I couldn't tell you.

Fifteen Minutes of Fiction - This site only requires you to write for fifteen minutes a day. And once you've completed your time you can publish them to the site.

Scribd - I'm not sure if this belongs in this category or not, but anyways, you can share documents here with your friends and stuff.

*As of March 1st, Inkpop no longer exists.

Health Related 
Psych Central - A website for all your mental health information.

WebMD - Another website about health if  you didn't like the first one. Actually, this one covers stuff besides mental health.

Help Guide - Another health website....

Teens Health - Health facts for teens, parents, and kids.

Medhelp- I don't know how many different health sites, you'd like to look at, but it never hurts to check your facts against other information sites. 

U.S.A Gov - The official site of the U.S.A government...

Answers - Have a question? Just ask it! It's time to play 20 questions!

How Stuff Works -Want to know how a holopicture works? Or how a cheetah can run over 60 mph? Look it up here! You never know what you could learn!

History - This has ton of videos and articles on pretty much anything in history. Want to know more about WWI or about Aztecs? How about dinosaurs or palaces? Come look here!

Buzzle - It's like Wikipedia in a way but it's "intelligent life on the web". I find it's a very useful and helpful site. With articles on pretty much anything..

World Wedding Traditions - Um...I found this interesting site while I was researching a report for my health class. It has some interesting stuff about marriages from around the world in case you'd like to use something in your story...or whatever else you could think of.

History Info - A good place to look up all things historical.

Meanings of Colors/Symbolism - A really good place for everything about color!

Color Meanings - Another site about colors. Not as good as the first one but still pretty good.

Reference, Facts, and News- Free and Family friendly- This site has tons of useful stuff!!

WikiHow Survival Kit- Great for anything that involves knowing how to survive things.

Folktexts- A good place to learn a ton of different folktales and legends from around the world.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
Britannica - This is an online encyclopedia that is very useful and I recommend it. It has tons of useful articles, videos, and more! - Need information on someone. This is a great place to start! -Words, words, and more words. Wanna know how to spell something? Look it up! Wanna know what antediluvian means? Hey, you can even get an account for free and keep track of all your favorite words. Even has a thesaurus, flashcards, reference, translator, and you can find quotes here too. - Well, you never know what you might want to look up...

Encyclopedia Mythica- Myths, legends, folklore, and religion.

Visuwords - A cool online graphical dictionary and thesaurus.

OneLook Dictionary- A cool site where you can look up words and things from a variety of forms. 

Languages, etc.
Alternative Handwriting- A site where you can learn how to write in shorthand and stuff.

Omniglot - This site provides helpful information on languages and written scripts.

Handspeak - The official site for the American Sign Language.

Ultralingua - Information for words and language usage.

Using English - So is says it's a place for those who are learning english as a second language but for those who speak English well enough, it's a place to be used as a grammar resource.

Ancient Scripts- A great place to learn about ancient writing systems. Its really educational.

Easy Elvish- Yes, you can actually learn how to write in Elvish (From the LOTR series). Its simple and easy. Plus fun!

Write Or Die - This is a great website for if you're procrastinating. It has several modes, from making a beeping noise to erasing what you write. But don't worry, none of that will happen if you just keep writing for a certain amount of time!

Edit Minion -It's another great website by the same guy who came up with Write or Die. Instead of writing, this one will help you edit things! Cool right?

One WordIt gives you one word and sixty seconds to write anything that comes to mind about the word. 

Behind The Name - Are you having trouble finding that perfect name for a character? Well look no farther! this website provides girl/boy names, popular names, names origin, and more!

Seventh Sanctum - Um this is a generator. Its actually for writing. Or role playing games. You could use it to help come up with stuff or you could get use it if you're bored. Plus everything isn't copyrighted so feel free to use a name or whatever.

Chaotic Shiny- A wonderful, wonderful generator. It can generate pretty much anything.

The Discovernator- Discovery's fact machine. Really fun.

Random Generators!- A site that has lots of amazing generators on it.

Written? Kitten!- This is really random. But for everyone certain number of words you write, a picture of a  kitten appears. 

For Videos, Presentations, or Pictures 
Prezi - Tired of PowerPoint? Try Prezi! Prezi uses zooming technology to present things. Put everything all on one sheet rather than tons of slides! Videos, pictures, text, etc.

Hulu - This is where you can watch videos for free. TV shows, trailers, movies, clips, etc.

One True Media - Where you can create videos and publish them to the web.

Free Weather and other sound effects- In case you'd like to use something for videos or something.

Picnik- A really great and free picture editing program. Plus you can do other cool stuff on it and connect it to other sites to shares photos or whatever. Closing in April

Weheartit- A good site where you can find really cool pictures and keep track of the ones you like.

Make Your Own Website
Wix - A web making site that I've seen other people use. These are flash websites - with plenty of fancy tricks.

Webs - Another web site making place.

Online Writing Places (Diaries, Journals, Notes, etc)
Cuoluo Diary- (Ran by Google) Have a private online diary where you can record notes, calendar events, tasks, your life, etc.

Duuble- An online diary that lets you make your entries either private or public and can connect to facebook accounts.

Quiet Write- A nice blue-ish/green place to write in. Its free and saves everything you write without you ever having to press a button. Plus it gives you a word count goal.

Notebooks/Storage Sites/Apps/etc. 
Springpad- A really simple, really easy site to store a bunch of information and categorize it!

Evernote- Okay, when my Onenote crashed, my computer teacher recommended this. I think it's okay, I personally found it confusing, but if you want to try it, go ahead. It's free. A site for making lists of things to do.

Zoho- Offers TONS of free applications to get pretty much anything done. I use it all the time.

Scrivener- This is an AWESOME software developed for writers. Its amazing. I haven't downloaded the free trial for Windows yet, but from what I've seen and heard, this is the best writing software out there. (You can buy the full version for $40 or download the trial versions for Mac or Windows).

yWriter5- This has been recommended for those with Windows. Its like Scrivener but not as awesome. But still cool. Its for free. 

PageFour- Once again its free but not as cool as the other two writing software (in my opinion).

Random or For Fun
Pandora- A really cool and free online radio that plays only music you want. You can create your own stations and if you like a song it plays, click the thumbs up button and it will play music like that song. Don't like a song? That's okay, click the thumbs down and you'll never hear it again.

Spotify- Another site where you can listen to music for free. Only this one likes to connect to your facebook account if you have one.

Word Dynamo- A fun site ran by where you can test your knowledge and learn new things.

Cleverbot - Okay it's really fun, really stupid, ...but it's something to do if you're desperately bored.

Evie- It's like Cleverbot, but instead you can see a face talking and it's expressions. 
For Evie and Cleverbot, only use if you're mature enough to handle somethings. These can say some stuff that may not be appropriate for younger children.

Lyrics- Looking for a song but you don't know the title just the lyrics? Look it up here!

Jango - An online radio, excellent for finding specific songs and artists. 

AZlyrics- Another song/lyric database.

Spark Notes- Homework help among other things.

Cliff Notes- Like Sparknotes, but I think it has more features.

Gaia Dream Avatar- You can make little Gaia characters (Gaia is an online site where you can do a ton of fun stuff). You can make free avatars that look like your characters. 

Historical Novels - This is a great site that's updated regularly for people who like historical fiction and related mysteries. Some of the books I have trouble finding but most of them I don't. The books are arranged by Era or time period and place. It also has book reviews.

Goodreads - This site is very good for sharing books and finding out about them. You can keep track of what you've read, what you like, form a book club, answer trivia, and tons of other things.

Any New Books? - A site where you can receive weekly updates on new books. It's free and easy to sign up. Just enter your email and select your genres.

NetGallery- A book site where if you're a reviewer, blogger, librarian, journalist, bookseller, educator, or someone in the media, you can sign up for free and request books before they are published.

Audible- A site ran by Amazon where you can download audiobooks but you have to pay to use it's services.

Audiobook Community- A site where you can find audiobooks and pretty much anything related.

Library of Congress- Do I need to explain?

The Writer's Digest Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy- By Orson Scott Card, Terry Brooks.

The Idiot's Guide to Query Letters and and Book Proposals- By Jesica Faust, Marilyn Allen, and Coleen O'Shea.

Bird by Bird- By Anne Lamott.

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook- By Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures- By John and Caitlin Matthews

A Writer's Guide to Fiction- By Elizabeth Lyon

The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction by Philip Athans

The Idiot's Guide to Writing a Novel by Tom Monteleone

The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Princess Lessons by Meg Cabot

Plug Your Book (Online Book Marketing for Authors) by Steve Weber

The Yahoo! Style Guide by Chris Barr

Blogging For Dummies by Susannah Gardner

Dracopedia: A Guide to Drawing the Dragons of the World  by William O'Connor

This list of resources comes from Birds of a Writer.