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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's talk first kisses

This was a discussion amongst some of my friends and I've some ideas of my own on this subject.

A first kiss is always awkward, there is no denying this little tid bit. So when I read a story where two characters just fall perfectly into a kiss and don't think about whether their breath stinks or if they are a bad kisser, I don't think that this is very real. When I had my first kiss (that I can remember) I was freaking out, like a lot. I was unsure exactly what to do and worrying about whether he'd like it or not. My brain did not go blank like some first kisses seem to these days.

Besides your brain thinking up all of the horrible things that could go wrong, a first kiss needs to be slow. These kisses that are fast paced are not always proper. The guy just grabs the girls head and pulls her in for a smooch just isn't how it (usually) works in the real world, not with teenagers. Go slow, go awkward and don't be afraid to go funny.

Have then bump heads, burp or just fall off of their chair or something. Adding humor before a kiss always lightens the mood and makes it easier and a little less awkward.


*These are my personal opinions and not everyone will agree with them.