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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book Drive

Ah! The long weekend has come at last. Easter happens to be this weekend as well. D'you want to know some interesting information? Well Easter changes its date every year! Fascinating, isn't it? 

Well to get to the point of this post, I have decided that Delirious Musings of a Writer will be conducting a book drive. Everyone or anyone are welcome to participate in this event in order to amass some books that will be used in giveaways and other fun things. If we have any extra books we'll be sure to put them to good use. For those of you who will be participating, it is encouraged to email me in order to receive my address so that we can receive those lovely books! Also, if you're really gutsy you can write a short message to all of DMoaW! Or you could write your own post on why you recommend the book itself! 

Also, I figure if we can get this started that the person who donates the most books will win a prize. However, what this prize is, is undetermined as of yet. So I suppose you'll have to win to see, eh? Emails are welcome to suggest possible prizes, too! 

So rummage through your closets, raid the bookshelves, dump out those packed chests and search under your bed! Let's see just how many books we'll be able to gather if we work together! No shame in not participating, but it is encouraged. If you love reading and writing as much as we of DMoaW do then why not spread the love around? 

Thank you for reading and hopefully we'll see that you've participated as well! 

- Write on.