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Monday, March 25, 2013

Alternate media

Sometimes it's better to get out there and look rather than sit inside waiting for inspiration to strike. I know I've discussed this topic before but I decided that I should add a little bit to what I said the last time. The last time, if you have read it, was where I explained that you could use any kind of source to find inspiration!
Sit outside.
Listen to music.
Dance in the rain.
Fall in love.
Look in an old album.
Even watch some television!
There are an abundance of places to look for inspiration and there are really no excuses that you can make up to say that you haven't found any. Albeit, it takes a keen eye to find it.
This post is just a reminder, mainly because I have been suffering the lack of inspiring events to make my own novel move forward. Now, I won't get started talking about my own novel - not just yet - so I'll take a moment to tell you a good means of finding inspiration.
You've all read novels, yes? Though, sometimes it's hard to discern the plot from the fluff (more on fluff later). I understand, I underwent the trials of attempting to find plots myself, and now I've found an even better means (if you find it difficult) to find inspiration and a good plot.
The answer, albeit a little unprecendented, may shock you! I understand, I felt much the same way you're probably feeling at this very moment. Manga? You may ask. Why would manga be a helpful thing to read? Isn't it just a bunch of comics, with very little plot.
Surprisingly (because a friend of mine had me try it), manga actually has quite a lot of interesting points in it. If you try one (some of the action or historical mangas), they have quite the interesting plot and developments. So give it a try, it's not like it'll hurt anything if you check it out once or twice. You'll be surprised at the amount of inspiration you can glean from something visual and focused on dialogue. It's very surprising.
Write on and goodluck! :)