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Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to Conquer Writer’s Block :

Have you ever found yourself staring at your computer wanting to write, but you just can’t put together an idea? Have you ever found yourself clutching your pen, wishing that somehow it would just write the book itself? No inspiration? No legible thoughts? Lost in the world of writer’s block?

I know how you feel: hopeless, lost. Annoyed that your brain won’t do what you want. You feel like there isn’t any way to get over it. Well, I’ll let you in on a few secrets I use to say, “ADIOS, WRITER’S BLOCK!”

Write. (Ha-ha, good one, Emily. Wait, you’re not joking?) This might sound silly, I mean, you’re in a writer’s block that means you can’t write. Wrong! Writer’s block can’t stop you from writing; it only stops you from gathering enough inspiration needed to write something decent for other people to read. This doesn’t mean you can’t write. Write about anything; the trees, your day, how you hate your eyebrows, how you wish you could be a ninja, your love of llamas. Write anything! Push yourself. Make yourself write.

Music. Plug yourself in and ignore the world for a while. Bust out a few funky dance moves—loosen up! Listen to sad music, happy music, punk, classical, rock, pop, alternative, anything that floats your boat. Turn it up so loud that you block out your dog’s barking, mom calling, neighbors fighting (Yes, you must give up gossip if you want to write). Tune yourself in with the music.

Walks. I always find walking a nice way to clear my mind. Walk to a park and get on the swing, walk to the end of the road, walk past your crushes house a few times until he/she notices you (not too many or you’ll look like a stalker. That would not help!) Walk to a river, lake, stream. Walk under falling leaves, snow, rain. Anywhere. Walk and clear your mind! Breathe in that fresh air and scream out “I CAN WRITE! I CAN DO THIS!” (Note: this isn’t the smartest plan if you’re a) in a public area [the stares you get are just…] or b) with your crush. They’ll probably think you’re crazy.)

If all else fails, there are the last two options: scream into your pillow while narrating a fight scene involving majestic llamas in your head (or any creature/human of your choice!) , or (AVOID THIS ONE!) crying.

Those are just a few tips from personal experience. I hope they help you in some way, shape or form. Good luck and happy writing!