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Monday, September 10, 2012

Plot bunnies :

Everyone knows that rabbits are quick to breed when the season comes, right? Well some are quicker than others. Okay, let me slow down a moment so that I can explain to you just what I'm talking about. 

You have all heard of the dreaded - and yet sometimes welcome - plot bunny? No? Well, alright. A plot bunny happens to be one of those millions of ideas that just float around within the confines of your mind and come out to play only when there is an inspiring image. 

Example : 
This image has inspired a plot bunny (one that I have already allowed someone to adopt - more on that later -). That means that this image has inspired an idea of mine, or rather a plot to a story that is yet undeveloped. 

Need another example? Alright, how about I tell you about one of my plot bunny novels that I will be working on soon? Alright, the plot bunny that I am currently scratching the surface of is hereby named Chrysanthemum and was actually inspired by the definition on one of those name websites
(, etc.) The definition of the name Chrysanthemum - it is a name inspired by the Japanese plant said to have poisonous origins. Yes, I know. It's a tad strange but if I explained the plot to you then I'm certain you would understand. 

Chrysanthemum - a young woman has been dead for two hundred years, since after Antargnanté's war and she has witnessed the tragedy that had been the automaton war and the revolt against Olivier Shardé. However, having died during such a war, she has never forgiven those who long to deliver death. After years of roaming the earth suffering a terrible curse, she has finally come to terms with what she must do in order to continue her hell-bound life. 

That is the jist of what I can give you. I don't exactly want to give away too much of the idea - but that's what happens. I'm sure many of you have experienced this as well - you've all watched a television show or seen a commercial for perfume and thought "Whoa! What if ... and she did this ... and he did...! I've got to write this stuff down!"